ANSI Designations

The Alloys That Make Up The Calibrations

Description Popular Generic & Trade Names*
T TP Copper
TN Constantan, Cupron, Advance
J JP Iron
JN Constantan, Cupron, Advance
E EP Chromel, Tophel, T1
EN Constantan, Cupron, Advance
K KP Chromel, Tophel, T2, Thermokanthal KP
KN Alumel, Nial, T2, Thermokanthal KN
R RP Platinum 13% Rhodium
RN Pure Platinum
S SP Platinum 10% Rhodium
SN Pure Platinum
B BP Platinum 30% Rhodium
BN Platinum 6% Rhodium
N NP Nicrosil
NN Nisil
*Trade Names: Cupron, Nial and Tophel -- Amax;
Advance, T1, and T2 -- Driver-Harris Co;
Chromel and Alumel -- Hoskins Mfg, Co.;
Thermokanthal KP and Thermokanthal KP - Kanthal Co.


The above table show the alloy composition of the Calibrations. A Thermocouple Wire has two wires, a positive leg and a negative leg. In the description column for calibration "T" has TP and TN. TP stands for the positive leg of the wire while TN stands for the negative.