about cobra

Cobra Wire & Cable, part of the Genuine Cable Group, was founded in 1988. As a world leader in developing and producing high quality wire and cable meeting virtually every electrical application, Cobra continues to provide the industry with advances in technology and a safer, more environmentally friendly product. Cobra Wire views environmental stewardship as a mandatory obligation, not a "feel good" option because future generations depend on it.

With active sales in all of the industrial continents in the world, Cobra has a network of representatives and strategically located offices and warehouses making business easy and efficient. In addition to its wire and cable inventories, Cobra also carries a full line of lugs, reducers, tubing, ladder rack, and other cable related items. Recently, Cobra added Fiber Optic Cables to its list of products, including fiber and telecom accessories and central office hardware.

Cobra's seasoned wire and cable specialists have decades of experience in this industry. They know wire and cable. Our team of experts is uniquely committed to putting the customers' needs first and providing solid solutions to industry challenges.

Cobra Wire & Cable, part of the Genuine Cable Group, knows the importance of personalized service. Working with the sales teams for years, Cobra's family of customers appreciates the knowledge and experience only a skilled, highly motivated group can provide. Cobra’s Quality Program, which outlines Cobra’s pledge to continuous improvement and excellence, has been validated by its most demanding customers.

Historically Cobra is synonymous with trust, experience, knowledge and world class customer service. COBRA KNOWS WIRE & CABLE!

EIS, Inc., a North American Distribution Leader in the electrical industry, and part of Genuine Parts Company, a Fortune 200 Company, acquired Cobra Wire & Cable in 2011. Cobra is part of the Genuine Cable Group which includes Seacoast, Electro Wire and Connect-Air, plus GCG Broadband and GCG Assemblies. Our combined companies bring strength and position to the wire & cable marketplace across the United States and Canada.