MRC840 HYTOOL #8-4/0 AWG Non-Insulated Copper Connectors

The MRC840 Machanical Rotating Crimp Tool, Cobra Part Number LMRC840, will accommodate copper compression Burndy® Hydent™ connectors from #8 Awg stranded - 4/0 AWG stranded copper conductor. Butting steel jaw and over center cam action assure full crimp force.

Rotatable die wheel is color-coded and stamped with the conductor size to provide an easy match of the die and color-coded Burndy® Hydent™ connector. Burndy® YA and YS series connectors are UL listed when installed with this tool. 5-year limited warranty.


Features and Benefits

  • Comfort grip handles.
    • Aids in prevention of hand slippage. Reduces fatigue continuous use.
  • Heat treated steel jaws.
    • Reduces jaw buckling and misalignment under heavy loading.
  • Approximately 9,000 crimp cycle life.
    • Lasts longer than imitations and will still be working when others have worn out.
  • Multiple grip sections on rotatble die wheels.
    • No lost dies, 9 position color-coded rotatable die wheels.
  • High strength fasteners.
    • Increase tool life by reducing tool wear.
  • Plated jaws.
    • Provide enhanced corrosion protection.
  • Engraved crimp groove (Die index number.)
    • Die index embossment allows permanent inspectability of installed connectors to ensure consistently reliable
      and dependable connections.


Length: 26"
Height: 8"
Weight: 8-1/4 lbs.
Cobra Part Number: LMRC840